Cycle 1 of The Body Coach

Cycle 1 smashed!

I was so pleased with my results in Cycle 1. It was a tough month for me, some highs and some lows but so pleased I stuck with it till the end and as a result started to see the hard work paying off.

Cycle 1 is all about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), shredding fat and becoming fit. It’s about refuelling the body with quality carbs post workout only and then reduced carbs the remaining of the time.

I got a range of recipes in my plan pack, I got to chose from;

  • 15 Carb Refuel Meals
  • 30 Reduced Carb Meals 
  • A Handful of Snack Options

I always thought I was quite fit as I use to go to the gym often, mainly RPM / Spinning classes and I always thought I ate well sticking to a low calorie diet but could never understand why I couldn’t get lean and define my body shape. 

I really struggled at first eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, plus was so worried about putting on weight as I couldn’t understand how eating more would result in less weight! But I stayed off the “Sad Step” (Weighing scales) as Joe Wicks calls it, I was determined and I trusted Joe Wicks 90 Day SSS Plan.

This cycle really helped me to understand more about what my body needs and how to train properly in order to get the shape I want, it completely changed my outlook on food. Seeing the results so fast made me even more determined to stay away from sugar, I went from eating 1 or 2 chocolate bars a night to having no chocolate for over a month and to this day I still don’t eat that much sugar anymore. 

By the end of this Cycle I can happily say I was feeding my body the right way and training 5 times a week. 

This Cycle was by far my favourite out of all 3.

Thank you to my family and my support hero Nicola who helped keep me on track and motivated during this Cycle 💋


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