Cycle 2 of The Body Coach

Cycle 2 complete!

Cycle 2 is about shaping the body which meant the training and the food plan changed compared to Cycle 1.

A ‘Pick n Mix Principle’ applied, meaning more flexibility with food combinations and flavours throughout the day and giving you the freedom to create your own recipes but you also got a selection of pre / post workout recipes in with your plan.

The training was now a combination of short bursts of intensive cardio followed by short bursts of intense resistance training, called Volume Resistance HIIT Training. Training sessions increased to approximately 40-45 minutes each time, however training only 4 times per week and no more than 2 days in a row.

I must admit I found this cycle quite difficult at first to get my head around and adjusting to the new plan. Thanks to my support hero Nicola I finally got to grips with it, I enjoyed training day meals and the freedom of making up your own meals however eating carbs more often throughout the day on training days instead of 1 post workout, like in cycle 1, made me feel sluggish and bloated.

Also due to work commitments, I had to travel quite a bit during this cycle so I personally found it difficult to fit the training sessions in as not all hotels I stayed at had gyms and I couldn’t carry my weights round with me all the time.

Once I got use to the training and getting the right weights, I did start to feel the benefit of the training a bit more, but unfortunately I felt it took me too long to get into the hang of it and I was disappointed with my results in this cycle.


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