Cycle 3 of The Body Coach

Cycle 3 smashed!

That’s it, I’ve finished the 90 Day SSS Plan I’m so proud of myself, I’ve had some highs and some lows but what an experience!

After finishing Cycle 2 and being quite disappointed with my results, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with Cycle 3 but I picked myself back up and really enjoyed this cycle as I felt it was similar to Cycle 1 with eating carbs post workout.

Cycle 3 introduces Pyramid Resistance HIIT Training, keeping with the ‘PIX ‘N’ MIX’ principle like in Cycle 2 so you get the freedom to make your own recipes plus a choice of recipes provided in your plan for rest days and training days.

Similar to Cycle 2 the Pyramid Resistance HIIT is broken down into 2 rounds including HIIT sessions in between the rounds, with 4 training options to work the whole body in 1 week. Like in Cycle 2, training is only 4 times a week ensuring you don’t train more than 2 days in a row as the body needs time to recover.

I definitely felt the Pyramid Resistance training in this cycle had more of an impact and was less time consuming than the Volume Resistance training in Cycle 2. I enjoyed having carb meals post training like in Cycle 1 instead of all throughout the day like in Cycle 2.

I’m really pleased I managed to step it up and have a good result this month! I’ve learnt so much about fuelling my body and different types of training, I love HIIT exercises and doing them along side Joe on YouTube, it’s great motivation and I feel like I’ve actually had a workout.

I can’t thank my husband and my support hero Nicola enough for all their support and guidance, it’s been amazing and I couldn’t of done it without them.

This is only the beginning, my journey of a lifetime has begun…🙏


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