A Great Tip for Meal Planning – Number 2: Staying Focused 

Something which I find helps me stay focused and motivated each week, is planning my meals and workout days 1 week in advance, especially when I’m travelling away with work. I suppose you could plan ahead for longer but I find it difficult to plan longer than a week at time, as my work can take me all over the world and change so much in a month I’d be forever changing my Meal Planner. 

As part of my training plan, I eat 3 meals a day and 2 snacks. Depending on when I’m training or working out also depends on if I’m eating a reduced carb meal or not. 

My Weekly Meal & Workout Planner

I log which days I’m working away and which meals I’ll be eating in the hotel, which prevents me from making the wrong choices and feeling really guilty afterwards. 

I also log things like, snacks that are limited to 3 times a week and number them at the side to keep track of how many I’ve had in a week. Logging my meals and snacks helps me make sure I’m having a variety of foods each week, I’m terrible for eating a lot of the same thing and have found in the past it can hinder my weight loss. Suppose I’m a bit of a fussy eater! 

Planning ahead means we can buy all the food, prep the meals in advance and box them up to put in either the fridge or freezer, making it so much easier on the day to take the meals away with me. 

It’s definitely helped me, being organised and planning ahead is one of the keys to keeping focused and staying on track to a fitter and leaner lifestyle. 🙌


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