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Beef Jerky Wars

Kings Traditional BBQ Jerky vs Laverstoke Park Farm Original Beef Jerky. 

In the search for the best Beef Jerky, 2 of my favourites I’ve come across so far are Kings and Laverstoke Park Farm. 

Both completely different tastes to each other but both proudly British, packed with protein and gluten free. 

Kings Traditional BBQ is sweet, slightly on the softer side to chew but thinner strips, made from British and Irish beef. Whereas Laverstoke Park Farm Original Beef Jerky is tougher, thicker chunks, made from British beef, no added sugar or additives and packed with a peppery taste. 

Kings Traditional BBQ Beef Jerky

Both are a great protein snack but for today I think the winner for me is the Kings Traditional BBQ Jerky as it’s sweeter, slightly easier to chew on and a touch more satisfying on my palate but it was a close call. 

The search continues…🍖


Insignia Joggers by Skull & Rose Clothing

I’m a big fan of gym wear, I mainly wear Nike Pro gear but I love joggers whether they are for the gym or just for lounging about in.

I’ve been approached a few times to become a brand ambassador for new sports and fitness clothing lines, something which I’m always really touched about and one day I was approached by Skull and Rose Clothing to try their new clothing range and to become a brand ambassador for them. 

The reason why this message stood out to me that day more than others was the name and logo, its really edgy and I just loved the design! 

As with most things, I did a bit of research and thought they seemed like a good group of guys who enjoyed working out and going out, like me, and wanted to look good after the gym! 

I went onto the website to have a look at their range and I thought it was quite good, not too many clothes to look at but a decent range of outfits and colours for the joggers, hoodies and tees. As soon as I saw the Insignia Joggers I knew that’s what I wanted, they come in Black, Gray and Khaki. Anyone who knows me, knows I mainly wear black and it was the black Joggers that caught my eye, I also love the Oxblood colour but it’s not available in the Joggers.

Reading the sizing guide I got a small as I’m only 5’2, for anyone who’s short like me, I’m sure you always worry that trousers are going to be too long when you get them and I refuse to take anything up! 

I was so pleased when I got them on as they fit great, they weren’t too long which was a relief and they hung really nice on me. The material is so soft and comfy plus they seem really good quality, so for £29.99 you can’t go wrong! 

I would definitely recommend these Joggers there a great addition to your wardrobe, so for your pair with a 10% discount head over to Skull and Rose Clothing and use LEYLAS10 on checkout. 💀🌹

Starbucks Super Scrambled Eggs

I love spending most of my Sunday mornings or afternoons in Starbucks, enjoying time with my family chilling, eating and writing.

I’d recently seen the adverts for the new ‘Super Scrambled Eggs’ with Tomato & Spinach and today I thought I’d give it a whirl.

The box is certainly smaller than I thought it would be, I was thinking it would be bigger and served on a plate for some reason but we are in Starbucks after all and not at home. 

From the packaging it looked good and its best served hot so I waited for only a few moments before tucking in.

When I opened the box it looked good and like it would be tasty so I was ready to dive in.

The egg was soft and fluffy and there was definitely a taste of garlic with the sun dried tomatoes, probably a little too overpowering for me, I felt it took away some of the other tastes but the sun dried tomatoes did add that slight and subtle sweetness to it.

Overall I enjoyed it but it was a small portion size for me, I had it for lunch and to be honest it didn’t fill me, it was more like a snack but by reading the packagaing its to “Start your day off” so I’m guessing its more a breakfast meal.

Serving size contains;

  • Kcal 211
  • Protein 14g
  • Fat 14g
  • Carbs 6.9g

Suitable for Vegetarians.